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Between the ages of 8 and 13, I was molested 5 times. At 13 I found out the father I knew was not my biological father. Feeling rejected and abandoned I began a quest of looking for love in all the wrong places and found myself in a series of unhealthy relationships. Surrounded by poverty and a drug-infested neighborhood, I also watched my mother being beaten by the same man who was supposed to love and protect me. 

When I came to God, I wasn't looking for salvation. I was saved and baptized at 8. I was looking for answers. Why me? Why did all this happen to me? Couldn't you have chosen someone else? How do I let go of the pain? How do I release the anger? How do I get past the shame? Who can I trust? 

Ironically at 8 years old, in an effort to provide me a way to release my feelings, my teacher gave me a journal after she witnessed me being bullied and noticed the change in demeanor. I started writing letters to God, but in a move from another state, I stopped writing. I came to God broken, afraid, confused and full of questions, he took me back to my first love - writing and journaling. Through journaling, I fought my way back, learned to trust and love again, learned to forgive and how to release the anger. This program is to teach you how to do the same!

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Indiana Tuggle
Indiana Tuggle
Owner & Senior Instructor

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Indiana is a Christian Inspirational Author, Speaker, and Coach. By education and trade, she is a Career Counselor with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BSW) and two Masters Degrees, one in Public Administration (MPA) and the other in Professional Counseling (MPC). With faith and trust in God, Indiana turned poverty, molestation, unhealthy relationships and low self-esteem into triumph and tools to help others succeed. She teaches women who have been trapped by their past gain freedom, uncover their identity and purpose in Christ through coaching, teaching, and workshops. She also helps aspiring authors turn their testimony into a book for God’s glory. Learn more about her at www.indianatuggle.com.


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